Temitope Runsewe

Managing Director | Dutum Construction Company Limited

Temitope Runsewe is the Managing Director of Dutum Construction Company Limited, one of Africa’s leading indigenous construction and civil engineering firms. Under his leadership, Dutum has become synonymous with the effective delivery of diverse construction projects and services to a broad base of clients in the public and private sectors.
Dutum Construction is committed to providing world-class construction projects and services by combining expertise, experience, and a long history. The company is in the forefront of providing superior construction services across Africa, having completed some of the most important public and private infrastructure projects, all of which wear the Dutum mark of quality, safety, and technical knowledge.
Temitope exemplifies the Dutum ideal of bringing Africa's hidden beauty to the foreground through impactful infrastructure development. He has led various iconic projects across Africa as the Chief Executive of Dutum, including housing estates, hotels, business and commercial buildings, bridges, airport hangers, highways, and so on.
He is passionate about boosting the skilled workforce in the African construction industry and drives this by providing ongoing capacity development for the professionals across Dutum’s various projects. He also invests in the community through the Tope Runsewe Community Development Initiative, Tope Runsewe Scholarship for The Poor, and serves as the Regional Chairman (Southwest) Nigerian Young Professionals Forum.

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