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May 30-31, 2022

Eko Convention Center, Lagos

About the Event

Real Estate Unite 2022


Established in 2012, Real Estate Unite is the annual flagship event that provides an important platform for the built sectors in Africa to network, learn, transact, showcase and discuss opportunities and issues in global real estate yearly.

With over 1000 attendees, 200 speakers and over 100 exhibitors, Unite Summit features a conference, exhibitions, investor, leaders and women’s forums and a Sustainability Awards.

According to the World Bank, the land construction and real estate sector is one of the most influential globally when it comes to impacting the health and wellbeing of people and the environment. economically, the sector represents more than 50% of global wealth. By providing housing, the land, construction and real estate sector fulfils one of humanity’s basic needs.

However, beneath these opportunities lies the global crisis that must be tackled. With rising populations, rising seas, and threatened ecosystems, cities need new options. By 2050, two-thirds of us will live in cities, according to the UN. New research also shows rising seas will erase more cities by 2050.

The built sector has a substantial sustainability impact through land development, resource use, waste generation and labour practices throughout its life cycle. The sector impacts either directly or indirectly to the implementation of almost all United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our goal in the next 10 years is to raise awareness of climate tech, sustainability and ESG in the built environment.

Why Participate?

The Unite community consists of climate tech/sustainability/ESG leaders from the real estate, government, finance, business, technology, venture and academia sectors. Utilizing content, conferences, research and networking platforms for shared prosperity. Participating at Unite reinforces your brand and company as an organization passionate about a sustainable future.

Panel Conversations

  • Sustainable Building – Land use Regulations Design planning construction technology and materials

  • Sustainable Management – Operations Technology Energy water and waste management

  • Sustainable Finance – Green finance bonds REITs Private Equity Sukuk mortgages

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Why a Sustainability Conference?

  • Identify the global challenges?

  • Identify the issues relating to sustainability in the built environment?

  • Use the conference to close sustainability gaps in the built environment in Africa

  • Galvanise the industry players to embrace the concept of sustainability?

  • Explore the Strategy and practice of incorporating SDG and ESG factors in investment decisions and active ownership

  • Recognize and reward organizations embracing a sustainable culture?


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