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Leading ESG event

for the real estate industy in Africa

May 30-31, 2022

Eko Convention Center, Lagos

Theme: Towards a Sustainable Culture

Our goal in the next 10 years is to raise awareness of climate tech, sustainability and ESG in the built environment.

Why a Sustainability Conference

The real estate sector is responsible for 40% of all carbon emissions globally, the industry has both the obligation as well as the opportunity to make an extraordinary impact in creating a healthier, safer and cleaner planet.

The conference will;

  1. Identify the global challenges?
  2. Identify the issues relating to sustainability in the built environment?
  3. Use the conference to close sustainability gaps in the built environment in Africa
  4. Galvanize the industry players to embrace the concept of sustainability?
  5. Explore the Strategy and practice of incorporating SDG and ESG factors in investment decisions
  6. Recognize and reward organizations embracing a sustainable culture

Unite Community

The Unite ESG community is a network of climate tech, sustainability and ESG leaders from the real estate sector in Africa with the common goal to achieve a sustainable and equitable future.

The Community will encourage; Individual ESG assessment, Sustainability Education, EDGE and other certifications, sustainability policies and statements, ESG and climate strategy, green buildings, Green Finance, responsible investing, ethical construction practices and the collation, assessment and use of empirical data.

Our resources include conferences, education, research, certifications, recognitions, reports, interviews, case studies and networking platforms for shared prosperity.

Partnering with the community reinforces your brand and company as an organization/individual passionate about sustainable development.

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Established in 2012, Unite Summit formally ( real estate unite) is an annual leading ESG event for the real estate industry in Africa. Our goal is to encourage the built environment in Africa to embrace the sustainability culture and align with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Unite Summit is organised by 3invest and hosted in Lagos annually.

Sustainability enthusiasts, Institutional investors, Government Organization, NGO Advocacy bodies, Property Developers, Financial Institutions, Insurance Firms, Schools/Institutions, Pension Firms, Power Sector, Construction Firms/Materials, Architects/Design Firms, Proptech/Cowork Operators, Healthcare, Surveyors/Valuers, Hospitality/Tourism sector,Legal Institutions

Yes you can but, we prefer a bank transfer. An invoice will be issued once registration is made. Email info@realestateunite.com

Participating at Unite Summit guarantees you access to the Unite Community. The Unite ESG community is a network of climate tech/sustainability/ESG leaders from the real estate, government, finance, business, technology, venture and academia sectors in Africa. Utilizing content, conferences, training, awards, access to green funds, research and networking platforms to create a sustainable future.

Unite Conference is a paid event. Participations are through delegate passes, sponsorships, exhibitions and partnerships. To register click HERE

Exhibition booths are $180 per m2 (9m2/18m2). All prospective exhibitors are expected to register and select their preferred exhibition packages. Floor plans are released a month to the event. To request for exhibition booth click HERE

Yes, we have vendors who can assist you. Unite Exhibition booths come in shells.

Our partner hotel is Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos. This hotel is also the event venue. We offer special discounts on room reservations for event participants. Request for discount code

Unite Summit is fully refundable if the organiser cancels or postpones the event. However, if you are unable to attend your ticket is transferable but nor refundable.

Unite ESG awards will recognize, empower and spotlight organizations and projects embracing the sutainability culture, incorporating ESG factors and aligning with the United Nations SDG goal. To join please CLICK HERE take the survey.

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